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Staff Update

We wanted to let our community know that Kristina Trunnell PA-C will be leaving the DSF Cosmetic and Medical team March 5th, 2021. While we are saddened to lose a key member of our organization for the last 8 years, we are excited for Ms. Trunnell's future endeavors and truly wish her well on her journey.

We will continue to treat Ms. Trunnell's patients with the same care and dedication. Our office team members will be reaching out to you directly with information on future appointments after March 5th.

We are also pleased to welcome back Dr. Sophia Reid to the practice after her maternity leave. Our office is growing and we are excited to announce our new physician and physician assistant team members soon, so stay tuned.

It is our honor and privilege to continue to serve our community as we have for over 25 years. We thank you for your trust and dedication to DSF Cosmetic and Medical dermatology.

Have Questions? Contact us at 301-694-5292

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