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My Favorite Things & Hello!

I am starting this blog to share more of the products and best practices for healthy skin care.

You can check in here and read about what's happening in skin care. I will try to take you one by one through what I feel makes a difference in caring for and maintaining a healthy appearance to the skin.

Aging is as natural and as much apart of life as breathing. However, how we look as we age today is truly up to us as individuals. Products and procedures can profoundly change the appearance of the skin, helping with conditions that were thought untreatable just a decade ago.

As a Dermatologist I cannot say enough about prevention in your skin care routine. One of my favorite products is sunblock because constant use will prevent sun damage. Tanning and sun exposure lead to the dark side of medical Dermatology in the form of cancer. By applying sun block products on a regular basis the risk of skin cancer is greatly diminished.

Besides cancer prevention, avoiding sunlight and tanning beds absolutely helps delay premature aging. I often ask patients to compare non sun exposed skin to sun exposed skin in photos in the office. Take a look at your own body, the non sun exposed skin surface of the skin inevitably looks younger healthier and more vibrant. There are less wrinkles, liver spots, pink and red areas.

Welcome to our blog and I look forward to sharing with you.

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