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Fat . . . Vanquished

Hello Readers, Dr. Ford here. I wanted to share with you my personal experience using one of our feature products, Vanquish.

I have a daily exercise routine that I have used for years to help keep me at a healthy weight and give me extra energy. However, over the last few years I notice that I still had some excess weight in my waistline.

So last winter I decides to put our Vanquish by BTL system to the test.

A little bit about Vanquish. I decided to purchase Vanquish for the office because of it's amazing ability to target fat in specific areas of the body not helped by exercise and diet along. We went through a thorough process of review, learning about the procedure and witnessing the impressive results first hand. It was time for me to give it a try.

Over a period of four weeks I loss a total of two inches from my waist. The only preparation for the treatment was to drink 8 glasses of water during the day before the treatment. During the treatments I was so relaxed I often dozed off and the nurse had to wake me. The treatment produces a warm sensation over the abdomen similar to being under a heating pad. After the treatment there were no symptoms at all.

The best part has been that there was no rebound or return of the fat in the last year. I see Vanquish as a great device for body sculpting. There is no down time which is great for those with an active busy live style. After so many unsuccessful workouts it was empowering to conquer the fat.

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