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DSF COVID-19 Update- 5/11

The DSF Team is reviewing the revised orders from Governor Hogan. Patient and employee safety remains our top concern. As many of you know, it has been a difficult situation to navigate. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a must for our office.

We will send you an update as we have it, but know that we will be guided by surgical grade PPE availability as well as patient and employee safety. 

Current DSF Guidelines

DSF Cosmetic and Medical Dermatology continues to accommodate medical patients and emergencies. While we are limiting our office visits, we are implementing a telehealth program so that we may continue to serve you. 

If you have a non-critical currently scheduled appointment, you will be receiving a call from our staff to reschedule. If applicable, we will offer to change your visit to a telehealth visit. Some of the services that we provide can be performed through live audio-visual communication, such as acne, rosacea, medication refills and certain dermatology follow up appointments. We will also be conducting cosmetic consultation requests through telehealth visits. If you have healthcare needs in the coming weeks, including routine follow-up appointments, please reach out to our office to schedule an appointment. We will first screen to see if the visit can be completed remotely. If possible, we will set up an appointment for you to video chat with your provider.

In addition to video visits, we have remote check-in appointments available. If you have an issue for which you are unsure if a visit is needed, you may initiate communication with your provider electronically through a telephone call, email or patient portal message. Your provider will determine if a video or in-person visit must be scheduled. 

If you have not signed into your patient portal, now is a good time to do so. Call our office for your sign-in information if you do not have it.

We Want To Hear From You

Please participate in our single-question survey below

"How comfortable are you with visiting a medical office?": 

Current Hours

Monday: 9-2pm

Tuesday: 9-1pm

Wedneday: 9 – 1pm

Thursday: 11-2pm

Friday: TBD

Note: Times may change- these are only approximate office hours.

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